The Preamble: 

The current uncertainty around in terms of economy, structures and education due to COVID-19 has almost doomed every one of us.

In these testing situations one of the most reputed institution of this Industry in terms of quality of education and result brings forward a way to keep yourself up and ready for the tough times ahead.

Our goal of Developing New Learning Management System and creating an Open Educational Resource is something that has the capacity to provide a consistent path to growth even when the chips are down in general.

What are the Charges?

100/- only*


  • Payment can only be made once the registration process is complete.
  • Without Payment completion registration process will stand as cancelled.
  • Please note the webinar is majorly informative and suggestive in the current situation and not to be taken up as decisive factor for any future decisions made by either DG, company, institution or an individual. 

 Need Answers:

  • When could possibly the Examination process be back on track?
  • What could possibly be the changes incurred in new structure of the examinations?
  • How to prepare ourselves for the examinations esp. in absence of proper structures and routine of DG approved institutions?
  • What should be our actual plan in these uncertain times? Whether to look for ship joining or clearing examinations?
  • What could be the actual impact of this COVID-19 pandemic on our industry?
  • Is recession round the corner or has already settled in our industry? How could it Impact us?
  • What should be the necessary steps we must take to sustain ourselves financially and professionally in these tough times?

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14th June 2020 @ 10:00 am 


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