The Need :

With an experience of almost a decade in teaching and consistently backing its reputation during this time with excellent results which are there to see for everyone, CMG announced its MARITIME ONLINE SESSIONS module this April end to maintain the continuity in its never ending result oriented approach and “Growth Now Rest Later” policy intact thereby countering the restrictions posted due to COVID-19 situation globally.

Conducting Maritime Sessions Online would mean an add on resource with better opportunities, reduced cost and sit at home comfort for learning for all the candidates which might turn out to be a blessing in disguise especially considering the current restricted movement and reduced opportunities at large.

The Response:

Over and above our expectation we received an overwhelming response for this new venture immediately after the news was floated among the candidates using our humungous reach developed by sheer hard work over the years. Over 50 fresh candidates showed their interest in joining our forthcoming batches within a Week’s time. All the awaiting candidates were delighted to learn the fact that a sit at home study platform is reaching them in these tough times to keep their preparation standard and time utility intact.

The Problem

With time thought we understood that the uncertainty about the Exam dates and the money arrangement for attending the course considering the current unstable situation all around became a constraint in their path to success.

By the end of mock sessions only about 50 per cent of the candidates could finally continue the batch and even after liking the session to no extent and willingness to continue few of them have to leave the path mid-way due to unwanted reasons.

The Solution :

In order to accommodate all the interested candidates and without being biased in its approach and its willingness to stand by its Vision of a processed and structured growth for all by making Quality Education the primitive drive behind anyone’s success, CMG immediately sought a Solution for All strategy and hereby it is presented with utmost sincerity in front of all in need candidates. This Solution for All strategy includes never heard before policies in any education sector like:

  • Flat 30% Off on current fee module
  • EMI option introduced for the first time to pay the requisite Fee.
  • Validity grant on Online Sessions just like the Physical Sessions.
  • Mock Sessions increased to 7(from usual 4) to give more time to candidate to assess the validity and viability of this institution.
  • Guaranteed result the very USP on which this place stands for almost a decade now thus putting icing on the cake with all other benefits stated above.

The Structure:

CMG will follow its regular routine for all the upcoming online sessions as it was use to carry for the offline physical sessions for almost a decade now.

All the Courses will be conducted by keeping the upcoming examination schedule by DG in mind.

The list of material required for attending the sessions as in books, stationary etc. will be shared beforehand with all the new candidates and they will have to arrange them either in hard or soft copy within the stipulated time granted by the Institution.
Regular detailed notes for various topics and related solutions will be shared in soft copy as and when the need arises on the discretion of the concerned faculty.
Key Takeaways* and Procedure to enrol may be read in detail through the “Terms and Conditions” Tab provided at the bottom of this window.

Upcoming Schedule :

2nd Mates Written and Orals : 20th May and 27th May 2020

Chief Mates Written and Orals : 20th May and 27th May 2020

Note :

  • *All facilities quoted under Key Takeaways section in “Terms and Conditions” Tab are only valid for a limited period of batches starting within lockdown period.
  • Post lockdown period the facilities including the Fee structure will return to normal as they were before 20th Mar 2020.
  • Thus to obtain all the current facilities introduced freshly to support the COVID-19 situation a candidate must enrol in the batches starting within the lockdown period

To Book and Enroll
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