Our Story

Quality of Education and not quantity in the Classroom makes the base of our success story

Who We Are

CMG Maritime Academy over almost a decade has emerged as a one-stop solution for all aspiring candidates of 2nd Mate & Chief Mate all over the world. Free of cost assistance is provided in regard to queries related to any 2nd Mate & Chief Mate process whether in India (2nd MFG/Chief Mate FG and NCV) or Abroad (including 2nd Mate/1st Mate UK, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Sri Lanka). These Coaching sections have already created an educational reform in this field. We are proud to inform you all that in such a short span of being active, CMG has been branded as one of the most successful institution in recent years and has reached a benchmark strength of over 2000 competent students. Our objective to provide quality education in a cost effective program with a motive to train the junior ranked to become worthy and committed officers on board has been the main drive behind the institute’s success.

Our Success

Driving on the huge success and positive response for all our efforts by majority of our past candidates we expanded our steps onto Online Sessions thus keeping up pace with these times of restrains and restrictions. Keeping the result-oriented approach and “Growth First Rest Later” policy intact our focus as always has still been on to provide consistent result in quickest possible time, the very USP on which the entire module of this institution stands.