Visionary Speech by our Director Mr. Deepam Rastogi for all Maritime Candidates.

Taking Maritime Education to another level and reforming it almost single headedly over the past decade. Our Visionary Director has done it all at the youngest possible age and yet has no intentions to stop. He feels satisfaction on your achievements, melts and dies down your drive to grow.

Take some time out to hear him speaking on one of the biggest platforms recently in front of all Industry leaders and top most personality of the Maritime Field today in Mr. Deepak Shetty ( Rtrd IRS, Ex-DG Shipping, Member of International Maritime Council in UN, Regulatory Authority Member in IMO and with many more accolades to his name)

Hope these 20 odd minutes can bring some real drive and motivation in your journey into this field ahead.

Future of Maritime Studies -Mar 2022 : Lalit Mumbai