1. Candidate must be strictly under the guidelines as mentioned for claiming the reward.
  2. Candidate must submit their results copy on admin’s mail info@cmgmaritime.com for evaluation of eligibility within 30 days of the result obtained and once found eligible will be reverted with the eligible reward money via direct Account transfer mode for which he/she has to submit his/her account details on the same mail id.
  3. Failing to follow the above procedure within 30 days of the result obtained will be considered as reward willingly forfeited and the Administration or the Academy will not be held liable for any further confrontation, discussion or any sought of answerability on the same.
  4. As clearly mentioned only those candidates are eligible for claiming the reward who have cleared their all-package subjects undertaken at the time of Admission within the time frame as allotted in the Reward Programme section along with the number of attempts as mentioned. For Example :
No. of Subjects in Package Presumed Month of Batch Started Eligible months for claiming the reward*(including combination of eligible months and number of attempts granted for reward eligibility)
Up to 2 subjects Nov-22 Jan-23 to Mar-23 ( 3 months )
4 subjects
Jan-23 to Jun-23 ( 6 months for Mates )
Jan-23 to May-23 ( 5 months for 2nd Mates )
  1. The Reward Programme has nothing to do with validity period granted to the candidates at the time of Admission and is to be treated as a separate entity. And candidates thereby may continue their efforts with the Academy as per their validity period grant even if they somehow fail to be eligible for the reward programme as mentioned as per their package course.