Terms and Conditions :

  1. The online sessions at CMG will remain a separate entity to its usual physical sessions.
  2. Once the lock-down is lifted fully and securely the candidate will have a choice to convert his sessions either partially or fully to Physical Classes.
  3. Validity Clauses (with some requisite changes) which were only allocated for physical sessions till now will be an integral part of the Online Sessions as well.
  4. As a separate entity any comparison either in terms of fee, structure, conditions, validity or quality of online sessions with physical sessions will not be entertained at any time by the administration.
  5. Though CMG keeping its reputation intact and result orientation standing as its lone goal will always utilize all its capabilities to give the candidate the best output in least possible time shaping his path to success.
  6. Key Takeaways :
    • Flat 30% discount for batches coming in lock-down period to accommodate the current unstable situation.*
    • To felicitate continuity in studies and process student’s growth an allowance to pay the Total Fee for the course in EMI’s has been established, a never heard before policy in the education sector.**
    • Mock sessions increased to 7 (from usual 4) to give more time to candidates in building their trust on the institution’s structure, study pattern and conduct and its result oriented policies.
    • Validity of Course for each individual to start from the day lock-down is lifted completely or the day when DG announces fresh examination dates to keep it genuine and supportive with regard to the current situation.
    • Guaranteed result even after all in hand support as stated above subject to candidate’s efforts with proof of the same available on request at the time of joining the batches.
  7. All facilities quoted under Key Takeaways section in “Terms and Conditions” Tab are only valid for a limited period of batches starting within the lock-down Post lock-down period the facilities including the Fee structure will return to normal as they were before 20th Mar 2020.
  8. The Online Access :
    • The candidate needs to register himself on our website through https://www.cmgmaritime.com/register-2/ and simultaneously you may download “Google Meet“ app from Google or Apple Play store.
    • Create your Log In on the app and share the Log In Id on our mail info@cmgmaritime.com .
    • Within 24 hours of receiving your mail a consent mail accepting your admission and addition to our online module will be sent as confirmation.
    • You may join the batch thereafter as per the stated time and schedule on a video conference call through the “ Google Meet “ app.
    • Please note a good internet connectivity through a secured network is strongly recommended for a good, quality and smooth calling, preferably a good and consistent Wi-Fi network should do the job.
    • Under no circumstances can CMG be held responsible for any network failures or deteriorated video or audio quality or any sought of disruptions due to weak internet access.
    • In short for attending each online session smoothly and effectively maintaining a good internet access at all times at his end is the responsibility of the candidate
  1. The Consent :
    • As soon as the candidate receives the information about these online sessions he has to visit the link for this terms and conditions that will be shared with him via admin.
    • After thoroughly going through all of the above points he will have to send a consent mail on info@cmgmaritime.com stating he agrees to all the mentioned terms and conditions and is willing to join our online sessions on these aforementioned terms along with tagging the link for the terms and conditions sent to him in that mail.
    • The registration will only be approved once the consent mail has been received.
    • No candidate will be entertained without a prior consent mail and then registration through our website as mentioned above.
    • The consent mail considering the current scenarios will be a legal pact on its own thereby may be used as an obligation for any future reference or dispute either verbal or legal.

*Detailed Fee structure along with payment module will be shared by the admin via Mail post the candidate has attended the allotted Mock Sessions and final batch confirmation has been received at our end.

**Installment details and months allotted to complete the payment with regard to EMI option for the course enrolled will be sole decision of the administration and duly informed to candidate at the time of final batch confirmation.

By Admin,

CMG Maritime Academy