Faculty Terms and Conditions for G-Suite Account Usage :

  1. You are solely responsible for keeping your log in credentials secure once they have been shared to you by the Admin.
  2. You are strongly recommended not to share any log in details or the account access for G-Suite with either your friends, family, candidates or any third party at any time no matter for whatsoever reason.
  3. Sharing your accounts access or log in details even among the faculty members of CMG is prohibited. If any emergency need arises then the act may only be carried out after prior notification and acceptance of the Admin.
  4. If any breach of security occurs due to negligence or ignorance of any of the above reasons the Faculty will be held individually responsible for the same and will have to bear the consequences in terms of loss of credibility and finances as decided by the Admin.
  5. Sharing of Data during the sessions as far as possible should be through the G-suite account of the faculty either through mails or through screen sharing.
  6. Preparing the best material for the day’s online sessions using all modes at their disposal is the sole responsibility of the Faculty.
  7. Using all the features provided with the app to enhance the quality of the sessions should be the prime motive of all the faculties.
  8. Maintaining a good internet connectivity at their end at all times for running a smooth online session is the responsibility of the faculty member though user end internet access is not a direct liability of the faculty in-charge.
  9. For any Internet disruptions or low connectivity or any other reason due to which sessions get affected or suspended the faculty member should immediately inform the Admin.
  10. All Faculty Members hereby agree that the G-suite account access granted to them by the Admin is to be kept solely for the purpose of work related to only and only CMG Maritime Academy and they may not use it for any of their private or business affairs.
  11. All the Faculty members hereby well understand the sensitivity and responsibility of the structure built around for the Online Sessions by the Admin and agree that none of the terms mentioned have been stated to humiliate or disregard anyone’s thoughts or actions.
  12. In regard to all the above terms you hereby understand that any disregard, ignorance or failure to follow any of the stated points with respect to safety, security and privacy policies of Online Sessions structure might attract loss of credibility in your ranks at the institution or loss of remuneration or both as decided by the Admin.
  13. All the Faculty Members thus hereby agree to provide their full support to each other and the administration in order to make this new venture of online sessions at CMG a huge success.
  14. The consent mail tagged along with these terms and conditions link would be considered as a legal obligation between the Faculty Members and the Admin and thereby may be used for any dispute either verbal or legal.

By Order ,
Deepam Rastogi,
( Admin, Founder and Director )
CMG Maritime Academy