1. Maximum 8 entries per session on a first completed registration basis will only be entertained and informed via an official confirmation mail by latest 21st Feb 2020.
2. Each candidate is allowed to fill up only for maximum of 2 sessions mentioned above. Even if a candidate has opted to fill up for more than 2 sessions during the registration, he will be chosen randomly for any 2 of those by the Admin and informed via confirmation mail on the same.
3. Candidates have to compulsorily upload their questions on the related topic with a max limit of 2 for each session or total of 4 for one session whichever is higher at the time of filling up the Registration Form else the registration will be considered invalid and entry to the concerned session will subsequently be denied.
4. The session will be interactive and result oriented but CMG as an Institution or its Faculties are not liable to provide any relevant notes or solutions either on groups or in person via any mode either physical or digital during or after the sessions on the doubts asked or topics discussed.
5. The sessions are mainly oriented to enhance your efficiency just before the March-21 attempt in the last few hours by assisting you in the best way possible through our knowledgeable and dedicated faculties but do not bound the Institute or its Faculties for any liability of your result so obtained in any of your forthcoming attempt.
6. Any indiscipline, disrespect or unnecessary disregard towards the Institute or its faculties will in no circumstances be tolerated and would attract immediate suspension from the sessions with no liability at our end on clearance for the same.
7. The sessions for which registered hereon are completely free and any payment made through third party or any unfair, unknown means does not hold CMG liable for any refund or any claims for whatsoever reason so mentioned will not be entertained at any time during or after the sessions at any later date.