1. Your confirmation is adhered to and includes the initial consent provided via mail or during first telephonic conversation with the Admin and needs no record keeping at the Academy’s End for the same.
2. Mock Sessions as granted by the Administration are considered completed and satisfactory hereby confirming your batch seat for the subjects mentioned under your Admission Form.
3. Fee schedule to be completed by the candidate positively on the final day of Mock Sessions or as Instructed/Informed via mail through the Admin.
4. If the full fee/due EMI is not submitted on the said day/time alloted by Admin under any circumstances the administration reserves the right to cancel the admission at any time it feels suitable without any refund of the initial installment paid by the candidate or liability of any course completion and facilities thereby granted will also be suspended with immediate effect.
5. No refund of fee would be made by order, under any circumstances howsoever valid they may be for the candidate.
6. Administration reserves the right to suspend or discard the candidate from the batch for any indiscipline, non performance, undue slackness in studies or any uninformed or unwanted leaves during the routine batches.
7. In the above case if the candidate wishes to join back the course he might be asked for repayment of part fee or the entire fee as decided and found necessary by the administration.
8. Candidates are allowed to attend some extra sessions in the forthcoming batches other than their own for certain topics which they might feel are required by them but only after the prior permission from the administration which might also result in a denial if not found for a valid reason by the administration itself.
9. Covering of syllabus for the days candidate opts for a leave is his own responsibility and no repeat of such sessions would be done by the faculty in charge.
10. Validity of Fee paid will be informed via mail from Admin at the time of Admission and will hold in its true term till cancelled by the Admin due to Clause 3,5,6 or 11 of this Section.
11. Package Fee has to be paid under stipulated time granted by the administration at the time of admission else the Package will be considered cancelled and fresh fee structure will be aplicable for continuing the course.
12. If a candidate remains absent in the attempt mentioned in this form no matter for whatsoever reason then CMG holds the right to demand full fee of the concerned subject/s again for any re-assistance as punishment or completely discard the candidate from the institution if he fails or rebels to follow the instructions given by the administration in this regard.
13. In rare cases for some real valid reason if a candidate decides to postpone his current batch mid way through the sessions then he is allowed to do so for a maximum period of 6 months provided the reason has been well and truly stated in front of the administration with all the necessary documents well in advance and the administration has accepted to do the same.
14. In the above case (pt. No. 13) if and when there is any change of fee during the grace period granted, the candidate has to pay the difference when he rejoins the batch.
15. No candidate can ever question the administrative decisions and policies including the fee structures of various courses. Inappropriate questioning to such decisions might be counted as an indisciplinary act and result in either part or complete suspension.

16. Academy and it’s Administration reserves the right to discontinue,change or completely discard any of it’s Faculties in between the Course at anytime as per their suitability with reasons not necessarily to be explained to the candidate without any liability of any answerabilty though In the said case Academy will take up the responsibility with utmost sincereity and priority to get the course of the candidate completed on time as far as feasable and practicable.
17. In the above case(Clause no. 16) if any scenario of part fee refund comes into consideration will be a decision solely to be taken by the Admin and would be justified with no cross-questioning or allegations to be entertained at the time or anytime later.
18. Admission after any initial/complete payment as per granted fee payment schedule will be in accordance and acceptance to these conditions and hold good for any future ref or dispute whether verbal or legal.
19. Any indifference, dispute or spat caused due to whatsoever reason either during or after the tenure of course so taken up by the candidate at the Academy will always be preferred to be solved within the Academy internally and in any case the decision of the Admin will be final and binding on the candidate irrespective of the circumstances and any evidences.
20. Any situation of Arbitration so risen between the Candidate and the Admin or it’s Faculties will only be conducted in Mumbai and its Courts and decision so made will be applicable and binding on both the parties.
21. All sessions whether Physical or Online are live interactive sessions at the Academy hence any sort of recording of the sessions or attending any session with proxy or in group with or without notification to the Admin or the Faculties is strictly prohibited and if found guilty for the same will call for immediate suspension from the batch and legal charges for Piracy,Cyber Crime and Fraud may be pressed by the Admin on the concerned candidate if found necessary.
22. Candidate found defaming the Admin,it’s faculties or the Academy itself for whatsoever reason on any platforms, as in personal, public or social forums or means will be held for defamation charges and will have to bear the legal consequences for the same along with financial and professional penalties to an extent Admin decides are relevant for the case.
23. In all the above terms mentioned the Administration/Admin in its final say refers to Mr. Deepam Rastogi who is the Founder and Director of this institution.